The meaning of an overall drafted understanding of business or letter of commitment


On 1 May the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission passed on a decision, which includes the meaning of an especially drafted understanding of business or letter of responsibility, as may be the circumstance.

The decision is Jeremy Lee v Superior Wood Pty Ltd. It incorporated a case for unmerited dismissal by Mr Lee.

Mr Lee’s understanding of work that arrangement 2 gave as follows:

“2.2 Various procedures, system and work leads moreover exist for the ensured movement of Superior Wood Businesses and the public authority help and premium of the people who work for the affiliation.

2.3 You are expected to adjust to the conditions of work as recognized in the Enterprise Agreement, Policies, Procedures and Work Rules reliably. Techniques are displayed at various regions all through the undertakings:

Unparalleled Wood Intranet

Parlor noticeboards

2.4 A copy of the show (sic) approaches is in like manner annexed.”

After Mr Lee began work with Superior Wood Pty Ltd (“Superior Wood’), Superior Wood introduced a site support technique, which made it required for its delegates to give their novel finger impression, to be used to affirm their qualification to go to the premises. Mr Lee was composed to agree to the procedure, would not outfit his extraordinary stamp and in this way adjust to the methodology, his work was finished, and he recorded an application for nonsensical dismissal.

The Fair Work Commission found that:

1. Mr Lee’s understanding of work didn’t oblige him to adjust to the course of action, as it was everything except a methodology alluded to in the arrangement of business, or contemplated by the arrangement of work;

The Decision communicated that:

“As can be seen, the understanding required Mr Lee to follow the “various courses of action, procedures and work concludes that exist” and that “are displayed at various regions” and that were joined to his arrangement in November 2014. A serious scrutinizing suggests that really those game plans, methodologies and work runs set up at the hour of segment into the understanding of business were inside degree of the essential to come.”

“The Policy showed up well after he was used, and there is no confirmation that Mr Lee assented to vary his arrangement of work to intertwine the Policy as one of its terms. His refusal to agree to its terms is evidence surprisingly. We are not satisfied that consistence with the Policy was a term of his work.” and,

2. the heading by Superior Wood for Mr Lee to adjust to the technique was stunning in the conditions.

The Commission found for the agent, agreeing that the finish of his work was unmerited.

The Decision communicated that:

“… we ponder the going to Mr Lee to submit to the collection of his exceptional imprint data, in conditions where he didn’t consent to that arrangement, was not a legitimate course.”

Ideas for chiefs

It would be wise for supervisors to track down some brief ways of restricting the risk that occured for Superior Wood:

set up a pleasant security methodology which is clear with respect to what delegate individual information may be assembled, and how and when it very well may be accumulated;

get the laborer’s consent to the combination and use of such information;

require arranged specialists (ie before they become an agent) to perceive that:

it is a condition of their work that they adjust to your techniques and strategies then, set up, and as vacillated or added to incidentally; and,

they have scrutinized your systems and procedures.

As per an evidentiary perspective, this would best be done by means of a made proposition bankrupt, which suggestion contains all of the specifics of the work and has associated with it copies, things being what they are, and procedures (or potentially those that you think about fundamental to your exercises), and require the approaching laborer to perceive having examined and seen the methodologies, as a part of giving their affirmation of the arrangement.

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